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April 14, 2021

The new needs for more efficient construction have brought ventilated façades into the sights of architects and engineers. This is because it brings a large number of benefits to construction and solves many of the problems that we find with conventional facades, both technical and aesthetic.


What are ventilated facades?

A ventilated façade is a construction method based on the creation of a separation between the façade and the exterior wall of the building. This separation is achieved by installing a metal structure anchored to the wall on which the cladding pieces, such as granite, are placed.

Thanks to this we manage to create an air chamber between the external wall of the building and the cladding that allows the flow of air, providing thermal, acoustic, aesthetic, and functional benefits that add great value to the construction.


Benefits of using a ventilated façade.
Thermal and acoustic insulation.

With ventilated facades, we obtain a significant improvement in terms of acoustic and thermal insulation. The air chamber improves the thermoregulation of the construction and helps to make buildings more energy-efficient, achieving a reduction in air conditioning and heating consumption of between 30 and 40%.

This energy efficiency is due to a natural phenomenon called the “chimney effect”. This means that on the hottest summer days the air rises and is continuously renewed by cooler air. In winter the air never gets warm enough to rise, thus retaining the heat inside the building.


Improved moisture and water resistance.

This cladding system reduces condensation and moisture in the building, thus avoiding condensation that causes staining and deterioration of the exterior walls.


Aesthetic value.

The ventilated façade provides many aesthetic benefits, such as the possibility of using a variety of tile sizes, camouflaging the building’s electrical, gas or plumbing installations, and also keeps the cladding material free of moisture stains.


Easy maintenance.

The maintenance of the ventilated façade is minimal, even more so if we use materials that withstand inclement weather such as granite. In addition, if a piece is damaged or needs to be replaced, the change is really simple.


Longer service life.

Constant ventilation increases the durability of the material considerably due to the speed with which it dries, making its useful life much longer and the cladding remains more aesthetically pleasing for much longer.


Revaluation of the property.

Although the initial investment in a ventilated façade is higher than other types of architectural solutions, ventilated façades increase the value of the property due to the number of benefits it brings to the structure, as it makes it more durable and energy-efficient.

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