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How do we do it? Created to be natural

At Euroroca we work with all types of natural stone, but we specialize in the production and treatment of Granite. Our material, ranging from the most classic to the most exotic varieties, delights architects and designers alike

bloque granito titanium
cantera granito Euroroca

Environmentally friendlySustainable and Ecological

The granite is cut straight from the quarry, so chemical process isn’t required for its transformation. It’s a non-polluting material with the lowest amount of CO2 emission in the sector. 

The very high thermal inertia of this material makes it a great insulator that maintains very stable temperatures inside homes, thereby minimizing the use of heating and cooling. 

Its resistance makes it the sustainable material par excellence. Its long useful life cycle renders it reusable across an indefinite period of time apt for recycling to be used in new constructions.

Technical characteristics
The long-lived appearance and benefits of granite, a highly resistant and durable product, persists throughout centuries without requiring substitution or maintenance.
Nature is in charge of shaping these materials, so each block and slab is uniquely different. You will never find identical Titanium countertops.
The technical characteristics of natural stone make it the right choice for all types of construction needs. It may be found in cladding, flooring, stair casing, roofs, countertops…

Our finishes

Different Euroroca finishes achieve the exact personality required for each and every material and situation.

granito silver pearl acabado pulido
Mirror effect, a shiny and smooth surface highlighting the colors of the material.
granito negro angola acabado satinado
Leather effect, smooth and dull finish with a slight roughness.
granito azul tragal acabado apomazado
Same surface as polished, with a matte effect.
granito semi-moreno deza acabado granallado
Sand blasted
It results from projecting steel balls at the same material to form a rough but uniform texture.
granito albero acabado abujardado
Bush hammered
Rough finish formed by small evenly-spread craters.
granito crema julia acabado flameado
This provides a very rough and heterogeneous appearance with technical characteristics that make it ideal for outdoor use.
Granito negro zimbabwe acabado envejecido
This finish mimics the passage of time on a material, giving it a rough appearance with a smooth texture.
Granito negro angola acabado waterjet
This is akin to a flamed finish, but it is less eroded and maintains the original color of the material.
Granito negro angola acabado waterflamed
This mixture of techniques obtains the benefits of a unique finish with wonderful color and resistance.



Each slab of our granite has been formed in nature for millennia. This is what makes every one of them unique. We will always ensure a size of between 280cm x 165cm and 320cm x 200cm, but we can obtain special measures to cater for customer needs upon request.

To facilitate the handling of this product, we offer a stripe cutting service to cut the slab in two.

Euroroca’s flooring plant makes cuts for all types of work, whether interior or exterior. These are the standard measurements:

61 x 30,5 x 1 cm
30,5 x 30,5 x 1 cm
60 x 40 x (1/1.5/2) cm
60 x 30 x (1.5/2) cm
30 x 30 x (1.5/2) cm
40 x 40 x (1/1.5/2) cm

Euroroca’s cutting plant makes it possible for you to order almost any size at all, even special cutting.


At Euroroca we can offer our materials in different types of thicknesses. Although we do specialize in slab thicknesses ranging from 2cm to 6cm, we can make some special measurements upon request. Tile measurements can be reduced to 1 cm. A combination of thickness and bevelling helps reinforce even the most sensitive areas of the piece, thus ensuring the long-lasting beauty of nature.
Let´s work togheter
If you are interested in being part of the Euroroca team, please do not doubt in contacting us through the contact channels that we provide in our website.

If you are interested in joining the Euroroca team, please do not hesitate to contact us through the contact channels provided on our website.

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